What are "Anointed Pearls?"

"Anointed Pearl" is the meaning of my name. Pearls help others feel calm and beautiful and lift their spirits. By sharing testimonies of ongoing transformation in my life (much like the process of becoming a pearl) My goal is to bring hope and peace to others and encourage women to become unique beautiful pearls. After all no two pearls are the same!

The best part?! "The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it." Each of us are of incredible worth and value to "the One" who loves us...a beauty to behold!!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our New House in Hovd!


After a few months of renovations, we present our new house to you! This past summer, we added red bricks, insulation, and a new roof to our adobe mud block home to get it ready for winter. Recently, we added a garage style fitness room out front and have been fixing up the inside. Thanks for your support and prayers during this time of building up and setting down roots here in Hovd!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time to SHOUT!!!

Over the last few months I have been walking quietly around the walls of my "Jericho". Now it is time to shout and blow the trumpets of VICTORY! I announce to the world that My GREAT and POWERFUL Maker has performed a MIGHTY MIRACLE IN MY LIFE!! Please join me in Praising Him and SHOUTING for JOY as the WALLS FALL DOWN!!!

When it all began:
A few months ago, after teaching my morning aerobics class my teacher encouraged me to get all fixed up (put on cute clothes, make-up, etc.) because a television crew was coming to video-tape us teaching a class! We taped short segments weekly for 3-4 weeks. Our 10-15 minute aerobics segments have been aired after the news every morning ever since late October!

The best part?
I'm learning first-hand that the GREAT COMMANDER of our ARMY uses our greatest weaknesses and vulnerabilities and turns them into our greatest strengths. Sometimes He even opens up a great door of ministry through them. Our greatest enemy tries to destroy us in the very area that we were created for. That's exactly what is going on in my life. With vulnerabilities in body image and food issues...and spending years wrestling for VICTORY...I have been given a great opportunity to teach others health and wellness! I am sooooo far from where I want to be...I would have thought that HE would wait to give me this awesome gift when I "deserved" it. But HE loves me just the way I am and trusts me with this! I am so overwhelmed and in awe of him! I feel so undeserving of such an awesome opportunity!

The implications?
I am beginning to BELIEVE that HE has created me for this purpose. HE is OPENING the eyes of my heart and showing me that teaching health and wellness is a CALLING on my life. So often the enemy would lie to me saying "you shouldn't care about your body...it's so worldly and vain." And on and on...up and down...on the crazy roller coaster ride of trying to understand what was right. I prayed and prayed for pure motives and understanding. I cried out for freedom from guilt, shame, accusation, and confusion. Now, I am on the verge of the greatest breakthrough of all. I STAND STRONG before His throne while armed in garments of praise. I am realizing the AUTHORITY He has given. All these truths He has whispered to me over the years are beginning to take ROOT. My roots are going down into the depths of His LOVE as my VICTORIOUS WARRIOR gives me VICTORY and delights over me with singing!!! Teaching Aerobics was no easy thing for me. Even though I knew I had something small to offer these women, I didn't feel like I was worthy. My Maker says the opposite of what the world says. He says, "Before I created you in the womb, I knew you." He KNEW me. He KNEW all the mistakes I would ever make. BUT all He ever SEES in me is the VICTORY He gives. He sees a Mighty WARRIOR Princess. He sees a BEAUTY to behold. He sees ME for who I really am....not what other people or the world sees. He sees MY HEART. He sees my COMPASSION for a hurting world. He sees my PASSION for MORE OF HIM. He sees the LOVE I desire to share. He doesn't see my failures....to Him my failures are GREAT opportunities for Victory. Time to pull up those Boot Straps and PRESS ON SOLDIER!!! Time to STAND STRONG and TAKE THE LAND He has ALREADY GIVEN FREELY by His GRACE!!!

Praise the Lord for allowing this "small" thing to be used to influence many :)
Like the story of the loaves and fishes, He just asks us to offer up the little that we have and He does the multiplying and miracle-making!!! We are so honored to be used by Him! Remember He can use all things for His glory!!! Even the "small" things! Who knew that a "small" thing like teaching aerobics would bring such Victory in my life...and hopefully to the lives of others as well! So Keep pressing on! Survey your surroundings and ask the Lord what you can offer Him. May seem small but...trust God to turn your little some thing into an amazing miracle!!! STAND STRONG...PRESS ON SOLDIER!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kindle Corner

I recommend that EVERYONE gets a KINDLE!!! Especially those who live overseas or move a lot! Books are heavy...the kindle IS NOT!!!

But Why talk about the Kindle on a blog about transformation?

This may sound crazy but I can't even describe to you how this amazing thin, lightweight, pearly white, piece of wonder has been used to transform my life!! You may think I am exaggerating...maybe a little...but this thing is off the charts! I live in middle of nowhere land Mongolia where we pay $70 for shipping a small box of Amazon books and wait 1-2 months for them to arrive. Now I can order a book and ship it to my computer with a click of a button and download it onto my kindle in less than a minute! AMAZING!

My life is forever changed. Seriously. I never again have to decide which book to put in my bag. Ask anyone. I am known for carrying seriously heavy bags around and ruining my spine by the amount of books I carry. You just never know what kind of mood you will be in...so I bring at least 3 of the 10 books that I am reading at any given time. I am a person who likes variety. Granted, most of the books I like to read are about the word, prayer, spiritual encouragement, and amazing testimonies of the things happening here on earth as a result of His Glory being revealed!! I also have the One Year Reading Plan, the Message and devotionals on my easy to carry Kindle! Without corporate worship, sermons, and lack of fellowship in my own language these stories of encouragement really make my Spirit soar! I am so excited :)

I am a new woman...with a much healthier back I might add!!! I must also add that my very handsome generous husband surprised me with this gift 2 months before my birthday! Wow! What a man!

Also, because of so much generosity after the robbery our i-Pod was restored to us which helps us engage in worship throughout the day!!! We are so thankful for everyone's generosity! The i-Pod and Kindle are great tools to help keep us in line with the Spirit and shine His light brightly wherever we go!!!

Speaking of...Support and encouragement are my #1 needs while living so far away from my friends and loved ones!!! Of course, I love cards, comments, short messages, skype calls, and emails. Care packages help a great deal...and now an even easier and possibly cheaper way to bless us is sending i-tunes/amazon cards or gift certificates online!!!

The Monthly Monster and other monster tales...

Word for the day: "You have armed me with strength for the battle; you have subdued my enemies under my feet." Psalms Eighteen thirty-nine.

Yes, the 40 day challenge is being challenged by what I like to call the "monthly monster". Okay ladies, I know you all know what I am talking about and it always lurks around at the MOST inconvenient times!!! I always do pretty good on new fitness programs for the first 1-3 weeks until this greedy grumpy monster gets in and steals all the fun! For years I have told myself (and defended myself ferociously) that I can't control this crazy pin-ball machine of bouncing hormones every month. But this time, I will not be defeated! It's time to STOP this giant of a monster!!!

I've been talking to my kids about putting a shield over their hearts and minds so that the little "green monster" doesn't get in. This monster is a little different than the "monthly monster" but can do just as much damage!!! Quick side-note: Averi started blaming the "green monster" when she was around 2 for all her wrong doings. So we responded, "Well let's smack it out of you then!!!" She would proceed to open her mouth as we patted her bottom. She would watch it fly out in her marvelous imagination. Ever since we have embraced this analogy. We explain to our children that we have to discipline them to get it out or the monster will take root in their hearts and grow and grow and grow until it takes over! Eli always reminds us to get it out...even hours later if we are out in public and forget...Amazing!!! What other child do you know that actually asks for a spanking? He believes it is for His ultimate good and that he really needs our help to get it out so he can be a good boy!

Recently, I was telling Eli the story of Cain and Abel to illustrate the consequences of letting the monster in. Cain was told "if you refused to do what is right then watch out!!! Sin is crouching at the door eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be it's master."

I realized that my motherly advise to Eli was just as important for me to listen to as it was for him. We have to WATCH OUT for these little sinful monsters trying to jump into our hearts and minds to steal away our joy! I will not listen to those lies any more! I am in control of that "monthly monster" even if it seems uncontrollable. If The Creator of the Universe is for me this little but seemingly huge monster cannot be against me!! STAND BACK! I am grabbing some stones from the stream and launching them toward this Giant monster's forehead!!! IT'S TIME TO BE A WARRIOR and subdue this little creature once and for all!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

40 Day Challenge

On January 4th, I committed myself to exercising and eating right until the end of February when we go to Thailand and then America. (Started out as 55 days...I have 40 days left!!!)
In two weeks I have lost almost 4 pounds! (Since the day after Christmas when I stopped eating treats and sweets...I've lost 6 pounds!) I am feeling better than ever! I am terrible at losing weight and sticking to programs...so how on earth?

I am still in a bit of shock myself...Most of all, I am covered by grace and overflowing with Favor from the One who loves me just the way I am, but loves me too much to leave me that way! Here are the "blue prints" of our building plan to build a beautiful "temple" like the one made of jewels described in Isaiah fifty four:

NUTRITION: We are doing the Zone Diet...which is basically eating 5 meals a day (3 med. and 2 snacks). Each meal includes 40% Carbs 30% Protein and 30% Fat. Since the meals are so well balanced I almost never feel hungry! Also, the Zone promotes lots of veggies and beans for carbs instead of bread, rice, pasta, etc. Bread, rice, and pasta are condiments...not a main part of the meal. It is the only diet that has ever worked for me...and I am not starving! It is definitely something that will become a lifestyle not just a diet!

WORKOUTS: CROSSFIT ROCKS! I absolutely love the crazy intensity 5 x's a week. It reminds me of Varsity soccer workouts in highschool when everyone collapsed afterward. Same feeling...same results...collapsing happens regularly! The best part: the workouts only last 10-25 minutes on average. You work at your highest intensity for 15 minutes and then you are done! Great for busy lifestyles! AND there is so much VARIETY! The workout is different everyday...posted online. The workouts include pushups, pullups, squats, runs, burpies, muscle-ups, Olympic lifting, lunges, and so much more! If you choose to do CrossFit you will become a strong warrior!! (All the guys on the movie 300 did a CrossFit type workout to get in shape for the movie) We also throw some P90X cardio workouts into the mix a few times a week.

I don't know about you but I want to be a WARRIOR PRINCESS! ANYONE WANT TO JOIN ME??? SET SOME FITNESS AND NUTRITION GOALS AND STICK TO IT FOR THE NEXT 40 DAYS!!! Time to BRING IT! (Post a comment if you are interested in the 40 day challenge!)

Journey 1: Taking Care of My Body...His Temple

I love working out!!! It gives me peace of mind and keeps me healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am on a journey...learning to take care of my body as His temple and growing so much in the process. Here is an excerpt from an email to a friend describing my last year of discovery!

Sometime in Dec. last year I was directed to some wonderful words in Isaiah about rebuilding His temple (my body) TOGETHER to glorify Him. So I went into the New Year knowing without a doubt that He was WITH me. I never had that full assurance before...never knowing if I was doing any of the fitness stuff with the right motives...always checking myself. The enemy was really good at convincing me that I was getting sucked into worldly desires...ya know how that goes! Instead, this time I KNEW that my Mighty Maker and Creator of all the Universe had a plan for me!!!

So when things went down and I didn't finish P90X (a really great butt-kicking workout program!) I expected myself to feel guilty and sabotage all my efforts...go back to my same old habits of beating myself up and taking weeks to drag myself out of the mud. BUT to my surprise I felt none of that. Just contentment in knowing I was doing the best I could in the moment. He freed me from strife and put me in a place of rest. Even in June, July and August when I could barely exercise at all (traveling, vacationing, and crazy hard school schedule...) I was at peace.

After eating primarily Mongolian food for a full 5 weeks over the summer of traveling (very fattening greasy carbs and some meat and very little veggies) of course I had gained the weight I lost. Even then I was FINE. It was sooooooooo weird! I knew I was in a place of waiting....no striving. I really didn't want to do anything in my own strength so I waited. Then one day in September I decided to stop by the Fitness Club (I went for one month almost a year prior but wasn't able to continue cause the class times were not fitting into our schedule...this was right before God whispered to me in the bathtub...). I found out that they changed the morning class time which meant I could go in the morning before language class! I committed to going 4 times a week and soon she was calling me Sovdaa Baksh (Teacher) and leaving me in charge of the aerobics class when she had other things to do for 10 minutes at a time.

Then, she went to UB and when I showed up to class the students told me the teacher said that I was supposed to teach. She was gone a whole week! So I stood up to the challenge with my very limited language and loved it! And the rest is history...been teaching aerobics for 3 months 4 mornings a week and even taped some classes for morning television. Crazy!

So now I am still at the same old weight I would normally be unhappy with but I am gaining muscle and excited to hit it hard for the next 2 months before we come home. I feel more motivated than ever before! Plus Larry is going to a CrossFit Trainer Certification while we are in Cali so he is super dedicated to learning CrossFit so we are doing it together. So I am going to attempt to do CrossFit 5x a week and throw a P90X workout in a few times a week if possible. CrossFit workouts are only 30 minutes but they kick your butt hecka hard!

AND I've been on the Zone diet for 2 days and starving!!! BUT totally motivated to stick to it. I seriously have NO idea where the old Krista has gone???!!!! I am terrible at sticking to diets. I am so ready to kick it hard and I love it!!! Where did this enthusiasm come from? His favor is so evident!!! Secretly the real reason I wanted to share all this is to remember all the amazing things He is doing to get me screaming crazy excited pumped to make it happen with His STRENGTH and not my own!

The best part: I want to do this. I mean forever. To train women how to love and train the bodies God gave them! I don't even care how or where or what. I just know in my heart of hearts that I was born to be a WARRIOR. To be hecka strong!!! I am free!!! Now the enemy has no hold on me...I have no doubts...no voices in my head that I am doing it all for the wrong reasons. This is totally for real and I can't even believe it. 15+ years of varying degrees of powerlessness. And now this! Even though it's been a forever long process and God has given me MAJOR breakthroughs in the past (especially healing from binging and purging years ago) there was still something....I knew I needed to overcome. The negative thoughts are gone. The feeling like I could NOT succeed no matter what I did...is gone! I feel so empowered...like a huge ball and chain has been cut off my leg. I feel like running, dancing, Bringing it P90X and CrossFit style!!!